Better Volume Indicator Mt4

Volume Indicator
Volume Indicator

Better Volume Indicator Mt4

This is Better volume indicator for MT4, old stuff that has been refreshed to latest MT4  construct.  This  Better Volume pointer can send you popup alert, email alarm and push alert / warning  when volume peak,  high amount / quantity stir and peak beath appened.

The outline of the Better Volume marker  also incorporates a moving usually and healthy which basic role is to separate far from other bars of amounts  quantities by their height. You just have to change to flow on a different  path it on from pointer inputs. This pointer improves  your regular volume histogram by sorted the amount quantity of the bar dependent on the following measures:

  1. Volume PeakUp: high amount quantity, high range, upbars
  2. Volume Peak Down: higha mount quantity, high range, down bars
  3. High Amount quantity Upset shake up: high amount quantity, low range bars
  4. Peak Upset shake up: both the above conditions High Amount quantity Beat and Amount quantity.
  5. Peak Up or Down or Amount quantity Peak Down
  6. Low Amount quantity: low amount quantity bars
  7. More important Than Prev 2 Bars: when there are no volume signals (1-5) and amount quantity is more well-known obvious than past 2 bars amount quantity.
  8. Not exactly Prev 2 Bars: when there are no volume signals (1-5) and amount quantity is not exactly past 2 bars amount quantity.
  9. Fair and unprejudiced Amount quantity: when there are no volume signals (1-7)


The given indicator paints up and down bars of volumes in blue, yellow, green, red, and white colours

Blue bars represent a significant part of the bars in the Better Volume Pointer. Blue bar hints that nothing amazing very unusual has happened in the market and books large amounts of exchange scoordinate the standard qualities for their time frame. Exchanging is peaceful and doesn’t  willing eneral change a pattern.

A yellow bar shows alow exchanging amount quantity. The bar of this sort regularly (all the time)has alow height. As topping in volumes commonly happens when the current pattern is near its finish. The yellow bar may also mean the finish of market retracement.

A green bar guesses (based on what’s known)that huge volumes are available in the market. At that,  tallness of the flame relating to the green bar is generally little.  That is especially the situation if huge flexible investments close their positions or open new ones. At the point when a green bar shows up in the volumes histogram, it flags a possible change in pattern course. That does n’t  mean, in any case,  that cost is going to turn around quickly and strongly. The value (some thing up side  down) may happen later because of the hit effect of the market (state of doing nothing or having nothing to do).

A red bar, mostly, stands a part for its tallness and(shows or proves) a huge mastery of purchasers over venders in the market. This is regularly obvious when purchasers enter the market quickly.  The red bar might be trailed bya(change to make better related to changing  something) in pattern course from bearish to wards excited and positive-thinking or a very deep extreme excited and positive-thinking retracement.

A white bar assumes almost the same job as there done. The main difference  between the mis that the previous signs a sharp small step forward upward in the action of venders in the market.  The white bar might be trailed by the market (some thing upside down) to the (bad result or effect) went before by an up turn or a very deep extreme bearish retracement.


The better volume indicator is an indicator used for indicating the volumes of different market trends. It also enables the traders to trade as they want to get extra profit. It also predicts the price direction, forming and fading of the market trend. It is one of the best indicator used for trading with the help of different volumes in the market trend.

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