Highly Recommended Forex Chart Pattern Strategy

In this article, we will explain the forex chart pattern strategy and you will view that how to trade chart pattern strategy.So let’s move on the strategy of chart patterns.

Forex Chart Pattern Strategy


Whenever we view at any cost graph then you would look the subsequent market stages:

  1. highest trend

2.Least trend.

3.Radius / sidelong markets.

These stages fall in dissimilar forcefulness, appearance and series, however a cost graph is every time bounded to those 3 market stages.Chart patterns are the bonds in the middle of two dissimilar market stages.

Whenever the highest trend turns into a least trend, a chart pattern is normally the link in the middle of the trends. In this instance, traders discuss regarding reversal chart patterns.Now we will discuss the three major collection of the chart patterns.

ThreeĀ  Major Collection of the Chart Patterns

Three major collection of the chart pattern are as follows:

1.OppositeĀ  Chart Patterns

Opposite chart patterns are such graph development that signs to the running trend is regard to turn way.

Assuming that an opposite chart pattern develop between the highest trend than it clues that the trend would be in opposite direction and that the cost would be bang away.

In such case,if an opposite chart pattern is looked between a least trend, it means that the cost would go increase later on.


Now we will see the types of the opposite chart patterns that tell us a turn around chart pattern. These are as follows:


1.Dual Top

2.Dual Bottom

3.Head and Shoulders

4.Reverse Head and Shoulders

5.Ascending Wedge

5.Descending Wedge


2.Ceaselessness Chart Patterns:

Ceaselessness chart patterns are such graph development that signs to the running trend would begin again.

Normally, this ceaselessness chart patterns are also called as concenter patterns, the reason is that they identify how purchasers or sellers get hold of a fast gap before going further in the similar way as the earlier trend.

3 Mutual Chart Patterns

Mutual chart patterns are the more difficult,the reason is that these signs that the cost may go furthermore direction.

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