Cup And Handle Pattern Trading Strategy

The Cup and Handle is a positive continuance pattern that spot a centralization phase accompanied by a escapement. It was produced by William O’Neil and initiated in his book of 1988.

The Cup And Handle Pattern


Two Section of the Patterns:

There are two section of the pattern: the cup and the handle. The cup establish later an unique and views such as a bowl or rotating base. With the appearance of the cup is ended, a trafficking scope establish on the right side and the handle is developed. A successive escapement from the handle trafficking scope signs a continuance of the previous progress.

The cup and handle pattern take place daily into the commercial markets. Integrating the cup and handle pattern into a trafficking system may increase a dealers market inspection method.

Knowledge About Cup and handle pattern and What is the function of this pattern?

The cup and handle pattern is a continuance pattern that take place later a previous positive or downbeat tendency. This development gives dealers with quite a few particular characteristics. The ‘cup and handle’ idiom interpret to the bar graph pattern. The cup introduce like a bowl form, although the handle is represent just as a falling sloping session of centralization.

Basic Points of the Cup And Handle Pattern

1.A cup and handle is a scientific graph pattern that appears a cup and handle wherever the cup is in the form of a “u” and the handle has a trifling falling drift.

2 A cup and handle is regarded as a posiy sign incressing the highest tendency, and it is utilized to mark golden chances to move prolong.

3.Methodological dealers utilizing this indicator must put an end to purchase order moderately high up the peak tendency line of the handle section of the pattern.

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