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Fractal Indicator
Fractal Indicator

Fractal Indicator is a technical indicator developed by Mr. Williams. Mr. Williams is well known and experienced trader he has developed many other indicators out of his proficiency.

Fractal Indicator:

Fractal Indicator is a pattern of 5 bars that indicate the change in the direction of market trend on by analyzing past data, because market move in way, in same circumstances. Fractal is developed on concept of disorder or arithmetical formulas and has predefined rules.

How Fractal Indicator works? When the candles move in higher position market is considered in upward direction and when market is moves lower it is downward direction.

Fractal Indicator has 3 different lines with name depending on their periods Jaw (blue), teeth (red), and lips (green). Fractal Indicator is famous around the world on all platforms.

Fractal Indicator work on 5 bars two high higher and middle one and two low lower these candles change their pattern according to market direction.

Fractal signals are as follow.

  • When market is set up a downward trend, there is a pattern with the two highest high on left in the middle and two lower low candles. The fractal line is under the lower low and wait for fifth bar to close to discover the highest high or lowest low
  • When market set up a bullish trend, there is a pattern with the two lowest low on right in the middle one and two higher high on right candles. The fractal line is over the higher high and then wait for fifth bar to close to discover the highest high or lowest low

Characteristics of Fractal indicator:

  • Plateforme: MT4
  • Timeframe: short term few minutes, few hours, longer time is preferred.
  • Use any forex pair of currency. (EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, AUD/JPY, USD/CHF, XAU/USD)
  • Pattern: five candles top and bottom

Uses of Fractal Indicator:

Fractal Indicator is best to predict market trend. Fractal Indicator analyse market diversity and predict market exit point traders can stop loss and take profit here. This indicator helps to improve trading skills with its easier interface. Its structure in also suitable for automated trading software. Fractal arrows indicate both up and bottom trends to traders so, they can place trade on buy or short. Longer time frames are best to reduce signal traffic and market become clearer and reduce risk. Fractal Indicator can determine trend entry point and it indicate top and bottom trend with the help of arrows. Fractal Indicator help to find support and resistance level. Fractal Indicator help in stop trade on given time frames using any forex currency but higher time frames are preferable. Traders only focus is trend and how to spot it? With the help of fractal, it is easier to spot just have to lock at chart with focus.

Drawbacks of Fractal Indicator is that fractals are slow indicators it often takes longer time in overbought and over sold regions.

It takes longer time spam to show reversal. Fractal Indicator pattern are very often visible in short time duration that make it confusing to detect false out.

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