Latest Grid Indicator 2021


Grid Indicator3
Grid Indicator3

The grid indicator is a forex trading indicator that is used to prevent the trader from losing the trade means it save trader from loss and the trader that can create risks in trading.

Grid Indicator

This indicator is suitable for all type of time frames for example weekly, monthly, or daily.


The vertical lines are used that can differentiate between the daily, weekly and trade of one hour on the chart. Different color lines are used that displays the lines for different type of trading. Gray lines defines the trade of one hour, blue vertical lines defines the starting of a new day, red vertical lines shows the start of trading of a week and the yellow vertical lines displays the monthly trading. Good For Promo Codes.

The values of these vertical lines depend on the time frames that a trader currently uses. There are also horizontal lines used on the chart. But some trader ignores there lines when they are busy in the technical analysis. These vertical lines show the different round levels in the chart that occurs in the trading. If the grid indicator is used with other trading strategies then this can give more accurate and best results for the trading.