Most Profitable No Nonsense Forex Indicator (NNFX)

No Nonsense Forex (NNFX) is a technique or method for forex trading which is established by an American trader whose known as VP. No Nonsense Forex method is a trend following indicator.

No Nonsense Forex Indicator (NNFX)


No nonsense forex Indicator have techniques of the determined money and risk control.

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Now we will talk more about no nonsense forex Indicator so that we can get the basic knowledge about this Indicator and this information is quite useful and beneficial for all the traders.

Varieties Of The No Nonsense Forex Indicator Method (NNFX)

There are six varieties of No Nonsense Forex Indicator (NNFX) method which are as follows:

1.The first one is that ATR Indicator.

2.The second one is that Baseline Indicator.

3.The third one is that 1st Conformation Indicator.

4.The fourth one is that 2nd Confirmation Indicator.

5.2nd last is that Volume Indicator.

6.And the last one is that Exit Indicator.

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Whenever each 5 indicators admit with the trade then a trade accessed or entered in a nutshell.Each and every opinions must be appropriated examining the final or last closed candle and not at any time depend on at present creating candle.

More Knowledge About No Nonsense Forex Indicator (NNFX)

Now we will talk about some Indicators and perception that NNFX method especially ignore.

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NNFX disclose of the some countless information about indicators and concepts in forex market trading. NNFX provides twelve Indicators and concepts which are known as “dirty dozen” that seriously ignored taking all things together.All of them are given as follows:


1.ADX (Average Directional Index)

2.Trend lines

3.Stochastics (NNFX scraps overbought or oversold perceptions conjointly)

4.Price levels

5.CCI indicator

6.Support & resistance lines

7.Japanese candlesticks

8.Chart patterns (Example: double top, head & shoulder, harmonics, etc.)

9.Bollinger bands



12.Moving average cross overs

13.No Nonsense Forex Algorithm

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