Sweet Ranko Street Trading System 2021

Renko Street Trading System3
Renko Street Trading System3

Ranko street trading system is used to create great and good results on base of past data of market trading. This trading system is used to know the different price conditions at a specific point where it is difficult for a trader to observe it.

Ranko Street Trading System

The ranko street trading system is a forex mt4 trading indicator. This is suitable with all currency pairs.


The ranko street trading system works with the help of two different bars. These two different type of bars give result in the form of signals. These signals mostly give a positive result. The one bar is for buy purpose and the second bar is for sell purpose. These bars tells the buy and sell signal to the trader in the market trading.

The traders use this indicator for the estimation of future price movements and make a decision for further trading steps.

Buy and sell bars

The red bar represents the sell condition of the market trading. The blue or sometimes green bar is used to represent the buy signal of the trading. Green bars shows that the trading can be for a long term and it displays large positive result to the trader.

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